I remember wearing a watch band compass during my Marine Combat Training back in the 90’s. As an infantryman it was necessary to always be aware of your location, direction of travel and reverse azimuth to find your way back. Our platoon Gunny gave us a quick down and dirty training session on using our wrist watches to determine cardinal directions in a pinch. Without practicing this method regularly it’s easy to forget how to do it. This is where a watch band compass is a nice companion to have as a backup to your primary compass.

Prometheus Design Werx | Expedition Watch Band Compass | Quick Look

The problem with many watch band compasses is the cheap plastic housing. I’ve had the housing itself crack and I’ve had the clips that secure it to the watch band break which result in a lost compass. Oh and depending on the quality of your compass it may get compromised if submerged under water. Prometheus Design Werx has designed a robust and waterproof watch band compass to outperform all other watch band compasses.

Prometheus Design Werx | Expedition Watch Band Compass | Quick Look

From Prometheus Design Werx:

A high grade, versatile, water-resistant, EDC and Field compass accessory that can be worn on a nylon NATO-style watch band or in its silicone carrier for multiple carry options. Our button compass unit is rated to a depth of 100M, cushioned in a GID silicone gasket and encapsulated by a precision machined titanium case. The kit includes one silicone carrier.

While we can use to great effect and marvel at the products of our digital age, there is still something substantial to be respected, acknowledged and said for analog and mechanical devices. The invention and introduction of the magnetic compass transformed the known world. Unreliant on batteries or circuit boards, a magnetic compass is the directional navigation tool in its most distilled and purest form. Our design process to create this modern classic drew inspiration from similar units as used and worn by UDTs, Combat Swimmers, Explorers and Adventurers from a different era. No less relevant today as it was yesterday, a compass that only needs the earth’s magnetic field to operate and is a tried and trued navigational device for anyone who spends time in the field.

*Photos courtesy of Prometheus Design Werx