My favorite two seasons are finally upon us, fall and winter. Now in some parts of the country, these seasons may not be so celebrated. In Florida, it’s a welcome reprieve from 80% humidity and 98-degree temperatures. Living in North Western Florida it still gets cold(ish). So this year after losing 45 pounds I knew I needed a new jacket since my old was eating me. After living with and loving the Proper Kinetic pants I looked to Propper for my cold weather needs. I came across the Full Zip Tech Sweater and was genuinely impressed by the array of features it offered. So I got one.

Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater: Stay Tactically Cozy

Propper Tech Sweater Breakdown

It takes some time for winter to really set in in Florida. As I type this it’s 40 degrees outside and soaking wet, and that’s a Florida winter. This Propper Tech Sweater has been a Godsend in the last few days. It’s kept the freezing rain at bay for the last few weeks. Out of the box, it’s quite comfortable and you can tell it’s well made. Marines who loved their Wooly Pully will adore the Propper Tech Sweater. It’ll be quite familiar for my fellow crayon eaters, especially if you Olive with it.

Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater: Stay Tactically Cozy

The Propper Tech Sweater features a large document pocket on the front that goes front the chest all the way to the armpit. You can store some decent cargo here and it’s perfect for large maps. It’s pretty perfect for a cell phone, wallet, and great if you’re charging your phone on one of those small portable batteries.

The sweater has two pockets on the front, and they are quite large. There is a purpose to this. The pockets feature zippers on the inside that are designed to be opened from inside. If you carry a gun or knife you can draw your weapon in a very stealthy manner. The oversized pockets mean regardless of your gun’s size it’s easy to draw. With the sweater fully zippered you’ll only be able to reach a gun in the appendix position.

Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater: Stay Tactically Cozy

On the left and right side of the jacket, you have side access zippers. This allows you to easily access items you’d keep on a duty belt. It’s large enough for a handgun, magazines, and more. I really love this feature and think it needs to be standard on every tactical jacket.

Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater: Stay Tactically Cozy

So it’s tactical. But is it warm? It’s not a parka, but for temperatures right around freezing it’s suitable. It’s nice and warm. The jacket is thick enough to block some wind, and keep most rain out. It seems to dry fairly quickly too. This sweater is compatible with Propper’s 3 in 1 Hardshell Parka in case you’re in a more extreme environment.

It’s also quite comfortable and looks great. The elastic bound cuff and flexible nature means it stays in place when you are moving and grooving. It’s very easy and comfortable to move in. I never felt restricted in day to day wear. I wore it recently when fixing my roof and I was climbing up and down ladders, stacking metal, and playing with a wide variety of tools. Again I was never restricted in my movement.

The collar can stand up and doesn’t choke you when worn. It’s also surprisingly lightweight and thin.

Final Thoughts

The Propper Tech Sweater is made from anti-pill sweat fleece so it doesn’t fray or pill and is machine washable. It does have a semi-militaristic appearance, but what doesn’t these days? It’s not too overt, and I think it’s stylish for what’s it worth.