After nearly 9 years of use, and two deployments I was beginning to worry about my boots. It wasn’t until I started feeling something rough and rigid poking through the bottoms of my boots I decided I really needed to upgrade. Propper has tossed me a pair of pants and I absolutely love them. I saw they made boots so decided I’d snatch a pair up. The day job requires brown boots, with at least an 8-inch height. Luckily, the Propper Series 100 fits that description to a T.

The Series 100 In the Wild

Admittedly it took about two weeks to really break these boots in. That’s to be expected when you buy any boots. Just make sure you take the time to really break them in before you hit the trails. I wore mine around the house for a little bit before taking them to work and really putting miles on them.

The Propper Series 100 Boots

Once I started trudging through the woods I immediately realized I waited too long to get new boots. The Series 100 boots are quite supportive and the provided sole inserts are nice and comfy, and they conform to the pressure you apply per step. There is some solid arch and ankle support here and it’s appreciated. There is nothing worse than starting a day with a rolled ankle, and still having a few more miles worth of forest to walk.

I’ve been preparing for the Wildland Firefighters fitness test, and hiking extensively on both pavement and off-road. They’ve remained comfortable and are surprisingly lightweight. They’ll be my go to boots once the test comes around this fall.

The Propper Series 100 Boots
Training Gear for the Fitness test

How’s the Traction?

Good question. The Series 100 boots have a thick rubber sole that utilize slip and oil resistant tread. It’s deep on the soles and does help you hold ground well. I don’t trudge over oil, but I do deal with a lot of wetlands, marshes and a boat ramp or two on the weekends. The boots dig in and they don’t give.

Quick Specs

The Series 100 boots are Regulation 670-1 compliant for the soldiers out there. They are made from water-resistant suede leather and 1000D Cordura that keeps them nice and dry. Speaking of dry, they do dry quite fast, which is nice after a day in the Florida swamps. They are pretty cool inside. Combined with a good pair of socks and your feet stay decently cool. While they cool, this is Florida and my feet sweat, however, now after some heavy-duty daily use they still don’t smell. I can’t say that about my old boots. Propper equips the Series 100 with an anti microbial lining that keeps the smell away.

The Propper Series 100 Boots

Are they Worth it?

I think so. They are only a hair over a hundred bucks and when it comes to boots that’s pretty affordable. They’re true fit to U.S. sizes so there is no guesswork when choosing a pair. They are supportive, comfortable, and they don’t smell like…well like a foot. The Series 100s are solid boots, and they’re made to last. Check ‘em out here.