A few weeks ago we blogged about the Kickstarter that ProSounds is running to launch their new M-Series line of muffs. We liked the features that the M-Series offered and got a change to put the top of the line M-4 Electronic Hearing Protection through the ringer. The M-Series offers a lot of high end features in an attractive price bracket, the question remains as to how well the high end features work together. Only one way to find out.

The muffs that they sent us had the old SportEar branding on it, the new ones shipping from the Kickstarter will feature the ProSounds name. The ProSounds people have assured me that everything else will remain the same. At a glance the muffs look a lot like other popular electronic muffs, but if you take a closer look you see the little features that set the M-4 muffs apart like 4 microphones, independently adjustable volume, and two 3.5mm input jacks that set it apart from competing ear muffs.

The M-4 muffs fold a bit different than most other muffs on the market. It took a bit of getting used to, but I found I kind of liked the way they fold.

The ProSounds M-4 muffs came with the required 4 AAA batteries, I am not sure that the Kickstarter muffs will come with batteries or not. Each side has its own identical battery compartment as well as a separate volume adjustment. I found it interesting that ProSounds treated each ear cup like a separate entity instead of part of a system. The earmuffs muffle all sounds over 85dB but allows you to boost sounds under that as much as 6 times the normal.

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(Featured image courtesy of gundigest.com)