GoPro has changed the way we capture our adventures. No matter what you want to do, there is an accessory for it. When I bought my GoPro (Hero4 Silver) it came with two mounts. I also purchased a head rig for first-person-perspective as I thought this would be great for capturing hunts while using my bow (WA State does not allow you to attached electronics directly to your bow).

While at the store I also noticed: tripod mounts, chest mounts, wrist mounts, car mounts, dog mounts (I want this one), and many more. As I accumulated accessories it became increasingly difficult to store and organize everything. One of the selling points of GoPro is how small everything is. Great for reducing intrusiveness while filming, but that same feature can make losing items easy.

Enter the Pro Flex Case by GoScope. GoScope specializes in accessories for your GoPro. They carry: poles, lens filters, cases, protective covers, straps, and more.  The Pro Flex Case will answer your protection, accessibility, and organizational needs. No longer will you be scrambling to find that extra battery, or sim card. Everything will be ready to go, when you are.

Protect GoPro & Action Camera Accessories with GoScope
Step 1: Roll felt flap over the camera storage area.


  • Store two cameras safely
  • Various pockets (12 in total)
  • Two zipper pockets
  •  Roll-up design for compact carrying
  • Water resistant exterior
  • Elastic straps to help hold mounts, or cords

Aside from the above features GoScope also included many finishing touches that really make this case stand out. Included are: lens protecting felt (covers the camera pockets as you roll the case up), door hook, carabiner D-Rings, and pole sleeves to help make storing poles easier.

Protect GoPro & Action Camera Accessories with GoScope
Step 2: Roll camera section over, (similar to a sleeping bag), continue until the end.

Specifications (Depending on your accessories results will vary)

When open: 34.5”L 10”H 2.5” Deep

When Closed: 10”L 6.25”H 4”Deep

Weight Empty: 13.6oz


  • Organization
  • Accessibility
  • Protection
  • Cost


  • Finite storage (non-factor for most people)
  • Could make stealing all your GoPro equipment easier

GoScop’s MSRP for this case is $49.95. I was able to find a slightly better price on Amazon for around $42 (changes daily). Using Promotive I was able to find this case for $29.97. At $30 I would consider this a steal. Yes, you could throw all your GoPro equipment in a random bag. But, if you are anything like me, having a case designed specifically for something really makes organization easy.

Protect GoPro & Action Camera Accessories with GoScope
Step 3: Fasten quick releases, go on an adventure.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants a high-quality and affordable case for their GoPro equipment. I’d also like to know what kind of accessories people have for their GoPros and how they have worked for you. Feel free to send a message through our Comms Check, Facebook, or use the comment box below.