When it comes to eye protection, there are a lot of options out there that’ll meet your basic criteria–but if you’re going to be spending a good chunk of time in your eye pro, you want more than just bare bones protection. Oakley’s Field Jacket sunglasses are perfect for any outdoor activity, whether you’re popping off rounds at the range or chasing a toddler on the playground, but what really sets them apart from other options on the market is the “Advancer” nose bridge switch that, when flipped, will actually pull the frames of the glasses away from your face ever so slightly.

What good does that do? Well, to put it simply, that little gap between the lenses and your nasty face allows for a bit of airflow that can help keep you from overheating in extreme environments while helping the anti-fog lenses stay as anti-fogged as you’d like them to be. Out here in the woods of Georgia, dynamic shooting drills in high humidity can leave even the best shades foggy–but thanks to the Advancer switch on these Field Jackets, my vision stayed clear long enough that I found myself having to make up all new excuses for me to take a break in the Georgia heat.

These glasses usually run you around $250 retail, but our partners at the Crate Club are currently unloading their stock of Field Jackets at an insane $150. Use the purchase link below to get yours while supplies last!

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