Since we are a hardware driven culture (despite the fact that we should be focused on the software first), I’ve decided to do a quick post showing the contents of my backpack here in Puerto Rico. This is the bare essentials and doesn’t include what’s on my person or in my pockets. The bag is a Hill People Gear Tarahumara. Great small pack for day trips or running around town. I have a North American Rescue blow out kit with a CAT, chest seals, Quick Clot Combat Gauze, decompression needle, Gauze, pressure dressing, gloves, NPA tube and scissors.

I have an admin pouch with a Gerber multi-tool, headlamp, batteries, pens, CRKT sport, thumb drive, 6 ft of gorilla tape, 20 ft of 550 cord and some other odds and ends. Inside the clear bag is cords and chargers for all devices including my MacBook (not pictured). I also have a satellite phone and a solar battery pack to charge both phones. And 32 ounces of water in a Nalgene water bottle.

Courtesy of Scholl Security Group