The Problem?

As shooters, we don’t always have the opportunity to have an instructor at our side.  Using technology such as the MantisX and lesson plans made by professionals that focus your time and energy, like that by Burnett Live Fire Drill Cards, can make all the difference.  Don’t waste your ammunition, your time, your money, but instead invest in it with Live Fire Drill Cards.

As a firearms instructor, I spend a great deal of time studying where my students need to improve, developing lesson plans that address those needs, and creating courses that engage the students while addressing those needs.  Often, I turn to courses of fire that I’ve previously created, borrowed, or learned from instructors that I both admire and respect.  Coming up with interesting courses of fire can sometimes be a challenge as I don’t want it to be a game but still make it competitive, challenging, and rewarding.

When you don’t have an instructor doing those things for you, it can be difficult to head out to the range and spend quality time training and not just putting rounds down range.

What’s the solution?

In order to prevent yourself from falling into the same repetitive sequence of punching holes in the paper, consider investing in the lesson plans, documentation forms, and courses of fire that come to you when you purchase the Burnett Live Fire Drill Cards.

The Burnett Live Fire Drill Cards are a selection of great drills from great trainers and a practice system that puts you to work on the range without spending time researching like I have to do as an instructor!

 Burnett Live Fire Drill Cards
Drills are laid out and ready

Go find a quality, reputable instructor and establish proper safety and technique.  Consider a course such as those sponsored through the NRA like the Basic Pistol Course.  Once you’ve done that, head out to the range with your manual.

Establish your baseline performance using the guide and document where you are at.  Pick a drill out of the book and start working on the skills.  Go back and check your baseline performance after investing your time working on the drills.  Document your improvements and continue working through the book.

Put Purpose back into your Practice

If carrying a pistol for personal defense you owe it to yourself to train with a purpose and train like your life depends on it.  Put purpose back into your practice.

As the documents from LFDC say, “Shoot, Measure, Improve.” “Never leave the range again wondering if you’ve improved.”

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