QTRMSTR is delivering their first integral knife to kick-off Season 2 of their Q Collection, a program that puts new, experimental designs into collectors’ hands. The company also addressed rumors about the country of origin of their products and maintains they’re all made in the USA.

“To my knowledge we’re the only company that does something like this,” QTRMSTR’s Jared West says of the Q Collection program. A collector’s club for QTRMSTR fans, the program turns buying knives into a subscription service. Q Collection customers secure a spot for an initial fee of $100, and then pay $35/month for 19 months – a total of $765. In exchange, they receive three never-before-produced models, with matching serial numbers.

Each Q Collection knife is limited to a single run of 300 pieces and feature QTRMSTR’s most experimental designs. “This is a chance to stretch our creative muscle and dip our toes in other markets,” West says.

According to the company, Q Collection clientele provide valuable feedback and a test market for each design. “They’re a very reliable test group for our most radical designs.” If a design is particularly popular it might find its way into the standard lineup in an altered form, although the exact coloration and configuration of a Q Collection knife will never be repeated.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News