Almost all my friends who are still serving in the Canadian Forces as snipers are using Eberlestock bags to carry their rifles around. I personally tried one during an operation in Afghanistan and I was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable it was.

The Eberlestock G2 ‘’Gunslinger II’’ pack is one of the best pack a sniper could ever dream of! With the decent capacity of 44 litres and an emplacement for a sniper rifle, the G2 pack is perfect to carry mission-specific gear while keeping some sort of firepower with your M4 in hand.

The Eberlestock G2 pack can carry a rifle up to 60’’ long with the GSTC Butt Cover and pull-out sleeve.


The back cushions are also very comfortable and will not squashed because of the weight you carry in your pack and the extensive use. You can also use different frames offered by Eberlestock.


The price: $329 available here and is made in 6 different colors.

Image courtesy of Eberlestock.