If you have ever hiked, you probably know that packing yourself a good shelter comes at a price. You lose space and usually gain a good amount of weight, but your comfort increases a lot. Being protected from the elements when you’re still and can’t get warm by moving around is critical. Most companies have pretty compact and lightweight solutions, but despite being “compact,” they never seem to be compact enough.

Enter the NEMO Veda 2P tent. When folded, it will fit a 5 x 7″ pouch, and only weighs two pounds. It won’t eat up so much space that you have to leave stuff behind. The innovation of this tent comes from its design rather than materials. They did away with the usual poles found on most tents and instead used a neat little strap system where you use your trekking poles as the armature of the tent.

NEMO Veda 2P interior
NEMO Veda 2P interior

The tent’s 96 x 53″ floor is more than enough for two people and their sleeping bags, while the vestibule’s 23 square feet will accommodate all the gear you carry on your back. It’s a minimalist solution though, so it’s not going to offer the same protection from the elements as a conventional tent. But for approximatively the same weight as a tarp system, you end up much better protected from the elements.


Capacity : Two people

Total Weight : Two pounds

Floor Area : 35 square feet

Vestibule area : 23 square feet

Shell fabric : 20D W/B ripstop nylon

Vestibule fabric : 20D PU ripstop nylon

Canopy fabric : No-see-um Mesh / 20D PU nylon

Floor fabric : 30D PU ripstop nylon

MSRP : $429.95

This product can be purchased here.