This year I had the opportunity to attend the European IWA conference, which is the European version of our SHOT Show. One of the companies there that caught my eye when walking the isles was Nordic Pocket Saw. I’ve heard of it but seen very little of this product. We decided to stop and talk to them to see what this pocket saw was all about. Unlike those cheap pocket saws that are seen in most survival kits, the Nordic Pocket Saw uses a damn chainsaw chain. The handles are made from heavy duty nylon and are comfortable during use.

Other than just looking at the quality of the product I had a chance to try it out at the show. Once I got the chain wrapped around the 4″ diameter practice log, I got a secure grip on the two nylon handles and began to cut through the log utilizing the full length of the chain. Within seconds the saw was eating away at the log. Needless to say, I was impressed.

The saw itself compacts down into a very small footprint and is stowed in an included case. This is a tool that should be in your go bag, bug out bags and camping/hiking loadouts. I plan on purchasing two myself and adding one to my vehicle kit and one to my hiking backpack.

LOW WEIGHT, HIGH PACKABILITY AND RAW POWER – That is what signifies Nordic Pocket Saw and makes it an essential companion for your outdoor adventures.
DOUBLE CUTTING TEETH ON EVERY MAJOR LINK – This provide an effective and effortless cutting in both directions.
THE CHAIN IS MADE OF HEAT TREATED HIGH CARBON STEEL – Which is ideal for blades and specially developed for resilience under harsh conditions. The heavy duty nylon handles are extremely durable and give comfortable and safe grip even when wet. The case can be worn on your belt for easy access or stowed away in your backpack.
WORLD´S MOST AWARDED HAND POWERED CHAIN SAW – The Nordic Pocket Saw have been awarded with a gold medal in the following “Best Outdoor Product Competitions”; No.1 National Geographic Gift Guide 2016, Outdoor Industry Award 2018, Scandinavian Outdoor Awards 2018, Ich Liebe Berge Award 2018.
THE ONLY LABORATORY STRENGTH TESTED HAND POWERED CHAIN SAW – A study from Karlstad University (Sweden) show that the Nordic Pocket Saw can withstand a force 20 times stronger than a human can achieve.
*Featured image courtesy of the author