The Centauro Knife is a sleek and speedy killer. It’s the first Raidops folding edged tool and currently my favorite full-sized tactical EDC knife.

Innovative gear for tactical, outdoor, military and everyday carry applications. Increasing your survival success. Ergonomic, eidetic, functional and progressive design. Defend your body, protect your spirit.” – RAIDOPS TEAM (Unique Tactical Equipment)

Raidops Centauro Knife

Raidops Centauro Knife

Raidops gear was something of a unicorn a few years back. Images of them could be found around the web but actually acquiring them seemed mythical.

They started with exceedingly unique yet functional impact devices and fixed knives – all with an edgy flare that first caught my eye. But it was almost a decade later that I was able to get my hands on a Raidops anything.

It was their Titanium CQB Tool, in my opinion, the best in (any) class pocket prybar multi-tool available.

Then it was their Angry Caesar Titanium Knucks and now their first folding knife, The Centauro ($).

Raidops went from relatively simple (but ingeniously crafted for purpose and even aesthetics) gear to this complex, refined and advanced cutting device.

Luckily, they retained their experimental direction of innovation and design pushing method of style.

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