Modern-day range estimation has become a lot easier for the common man to accomplish thanks to technology. Most optics these days can be had with range estimation built in, whether that is a spotting scope, scope mounted on your carbine or long gun, or a pair of binos. Back in the day the Marine Corps Scout Snipers would MIL their targets using the mil-dot reticle build into the 10 power Unertl scopes. By using the mil dots and a simple math formula you could determine the range of your target.

Being able to estimate range to a target is a key skill to learn if you’re a long-distance shooter, hunter, or Law Enforcement sniper. But what if that fancy equipment you use to estimate range goes down, gets damaged, or the batteries go dead? Now, what do you do?

The following video will give you the answer to that question. Former Army Delta Operator John McPhee shows how to judge the distance to your target (out to 600 yards) using only your own two eyes.

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