Recently, I received a call from Graham Baates of and YouTube fame (or infamy). He is also a contributor within the Hurricane Group Inc. family of websites, of which Loadout Room is a part.  GB had received a rifle from Ranger Proof Arms, the Enhanced ELC (Entry Level Carbine) and thought it fitting that a Ranger should take part in the testing of something termed Ranger Proof.  As someone who has earned the coveted Ranger tab as well as a 2/75 scroll for each shoulder, I was happy to put the Ranger Proof name to the test.

The owner and proprietor of Ranger Proof Arms is a fellow Ranger school graduate who has not only a long history of building tough-use rifles, but has logged countless hours as a law enforcement instructor.  While I’ve heard a few impressive details from his military service from a mutual acquaintance, I haven’t seen him personally publish those details for public consumption so I don’t feel I have the right to share such.  Suffice it to say, this is a guy who knows his way around a rifle.  Take a look at the below videos for Graham’s tabletop review and our second range day (the first ended early after a case neck separated).

Ranger Proof Arms cherry picks some of the very best parts for their rifles: it shows in the way they handle and shoot.  After testing nearly two dozen brands of different magazines, all of them except the uber-cheapo Master Molder, fed, functioned and locked back after the last round.  This speaks to appropriate machining tolerances within the Enhanced ELC.  We ran the bolt with brake cleaner sprayed all over it, ensuring no lube was left to assist operation.  No problems there either, 100% function.

While I didn’t have the massive number of rounds needed to see if this was Ranger Proof (i.e, I can’t break it), I think this is an outstanding package that is Ranger Approved.  The ELC starts at $1776,  putting it right in line for a quality factory build.  This isn’t designed or marketed towards budget rifle purchasers, rather the “Entry” in this Entry Level Carbine is the entry into the world of purpose-built rifles.  This is easily one of the most accurate rifles I’ve shot, regardless of action type or price point.  Ranger Proof Arms is offering up some pretty sweet options at a very competitive price for what you’re getting.  Check them out!


-Rex Nanorum