In follow-up to an earlier post we wanted to both finish the story, and provide a correction.  The EDGE trigger shoe is made and sold by Ranger Proof Swag which is not the same company as the premium-rifle-builder Ranger Proof.  The companies have a loose affiliation, but are independent of one-another.  Both Ranger Proof and Ranger Proof Swag are 100% American made, both make products intended for hard use, and both companies are headed by veterans.  A new homepage directs you between the two companies.  This explains why we were unable to find the trigger shoe on Ranger Proof’s website.

Ranger Proof is the brain child of a Special Operations veteran and builder of artisan weaponry.  More than just an assembler of other people’s parts, rifles from Ranger Proof are the result of a 31-year veteran hand selecting parts, some of which made to his specifications, and smiths a true fighting rifle.  We’ll have more on those rifles soon.

Ranger Proof Swag has an assortment of accessories and gear including the EDGE trigger shoe.  If you missed the original article, the EDGE trigger shoe affords a lot of the same performance improvements as other aftermarket Glock triggers, but at a much more reasonable price.  Part of the reduced cost is that you are buying just the shoe.  Contrary to a lot of hype and advertising many of the more expensive Glock triggers use a factory trigger bar that has little to no changes made to it.  Why buy a part that you already own?  Replacing the shoe alone can and does change the feel and performance of your trigger.  To see what it did to our Glock 19 see the video below.