Rat Worx has developed a line of knives with several firsts in knife making: They’re operated on a mini roller chain, powered by two dual-nested springs, and the manufacturer information is all concealed inside the knife handle, giving the knife a completely sterile look which could come in handy for those working abroad that need to remain “grey.” We reviewed Rat Worx’s MRX Mini Chain-Drive knife with lanyard-cut handle, S/E blade, in two-tone black.

Style of knife: Chain-driven automatic knife.

Blade length: 3.2″

Type of edge: Spear-point blade with a standard-edge grind.

MRX Mini Blade
MRX Mini Blade

Blade and handle materials: Blade is made from CPM-154 steel. The handle is made from black class-III anodized aluminum.

MRX Mini Knife

MSRP: $250, which seems to be the going price for this knife. In my opinion, this knife is worth the price tag put on it.

MRX Mini Chain Drive
Chain drive

Application: Everyday carry, defensive weapon, and possible survival tool.

Pros: Lifetime warranty and made in the USA. They use what I consider the best knife steel out there for their blades. This is as close you’re going to get to a custom knife at a production-knife cost. It also comes in a quality zipper pouch that is made in the USA, too! MRX’s customer service is second to none; I’ve had to use it on my personal knife, and they were down-to-earth people that were great to work with. Turnaround times for repairs or engravings are very quick.

Cons: It is chain driven with two internal springs, so those do pose two points of possible failure, but with all the extensive testing they have done, it doesn’t seem like that is going to be too much of an issue.

Bottom line/overall performance:

I’ve carried this newer model on and off for several weeks. It’s an extremely solid knife. There is absolutely no blade play in any direction. The spine of the knife has a nice 90° edge on it for use with ferro rods in the event you decide to carry this on a hiking trip and need to use it to start a fire—trust me, it works. I’ve tested it.

The strong edge of the blade can cut easily through numerous materials and is perfect for performing basic camp tasks. Check out this short video on starting a fire with the Mini MRX knife.

The following two things drew me to this knife and sold me on it right away:

  1.  It’s all made in the USA following three years of extensive design and testing. Take a look at the following two videos to see just how tough and resilient these knives are!
  2. The blade steel they decided on—CPM 154—takes an edge easily and holds that edge for an extended period during everyday/field use. CPM-154 has been a time-tested steel, and it just works.

These knives can be purchased directly from MRX’s website or through their network of dealers.

(Featured image courtesy of Rat Worx USA)