The Raven Concealment Eidolon holster has been around for about 2 years now, but I just recently purchased one for personal use. Ever since the Eidolon was released, several other Kydex holster companies started incorporating the RCS claw and holster wedge. Those other companies may produce a more affordable holster with similar features, but it’s far from the Eidolon. The Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon was designed with the input of Kyle Defoor, Former Navy SEAL (SEAL Team 8), and now the owner of Defoor Proformance Shooting.

Kyle Defoor teaches firearms to law enforcement, military, and civilians. For civilians, he offers a 2-day pistol course as well as a 2 day concealed carry course where he uses the Eidolon. I remember attending one of his 2-day pistol courses about a year ago and he was in shorts and a t-shirt for the class. Not only did he not give off that tactical look, but you would have never known he was concealing his Glock 19 and two fixed blades under a t-shirt! The Eidolon really does well at concealing the pistol and keeping it tucked in tight the body, while still allowing you to quickly draw when needed.

So what makes the Eidolon all that? To me, there are 3 features on the holster that made it stand apart from all others when it was released.

The RCS claw which pushes off your belt when worn aids in pulling the grip of the handgun closer your body, thus helping to avoid printing. The grip is always the most difficult to conceal, especially if you carry a mid to full-size pistol.

Raven Concealment Systems Claw
RCS Claw

The Wedge is also a pretty cool concept. Simple and extremely effective. When the Eidolon is worn appendix the wedge pushes the bottom of the holster away from your body just enough in order to keep the top half-tucked in that much tighter. With the combination of both the claw and wedge, you have a pretty solid package to conceal your pistol with.

Raven Concealment Systems Wedge
RCS Wedge

The last part are the RCS overhooks. I have used the overhooks for quite some time on my Mk3 concealable fixed blade and never had an issue with the hooks pulling free from my belt. I know there is some debate on whether you should roll with overhooks or the soft loops that snap on. MY personal preference are the RCS overhooks. They keep the whole package secure and stable.

Raven Concealment Systems Hooks
RCS Hooks

If you’ve ever had the privilege to talk with Kyle at one of his courses you might get to hear some of the stories of when he was developing this holster with Raven Concealment Systems. There was a lot of trial and error before they settled on the final product. Between the experience that Kyle brings to the table and the design and manufacturing that RCS provides, you really can’t go wrong with this package. Stop buying subpar holsters trying to mimic what Raven Concealment does and get the real deal.

Since I personally carry appendix I ended up making two minor tweaks for comfort and concealment (personal preference). I removed one of the overhook belt clips and the wedge.

Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon Holster