Raven Concealment Systems carry a broad range of products which include: holsters (IWB/OWB), magazine carriers, light carriers, modular carriers, product enhancement accessories (different loops/hooks for carriers), modular pocket shields, t-shirts, and even hats.

Today we are going to specifically focus on the Morrigan IWB (inside the waistband) holster that is designed for concealed carry. This is a simple, well-designed holster. Out of the box, you will have the holster (which is split all the way down the magazine side), a Velcro band, belt loops, and nuts/bolts which will be used to attach the belt loops. I am not going to get into specific measurements of this holster because it will vary depending on your firearm.

Speaking of compatibility, (according to rcsgear.com) currently the Morrigan IWB holster can facilitate the following firearms:

  • Glock 17/19/22/23/27/31/32/33/42/43
  • S&W 9mm/.40cal (Full Size), M&P Compact .40cal
  • S&W M&P Shield 9mm/.40cal

**Be sure to select the correct make/model from the drop-down menu for your firearm**

An Affordable IWB Holster
The holes drilled into the holster allow the user to customize how the holster is worn

The holster is a hard plastic (slighted textured), a smooth design which allows you to easily slide it into place. There are four holes drilled into the holster on the upper receiver side, and two more on the magazine side. These holes allow the user to further customize their carry style. If you want your weapon deep inside your waistband, then secure the belt loops on the uppermost holes. Perhaps you like your weapon canted forward (or backward), simply place the loops to accommodate this. This is by far one of my favorite things about the holster.

An Affordable IWB Holster
The holster is held together with Velcro, which also controls the overall retention

As I mentioned before, the holster is split open down one side (magazine side). This feature, in conjunction with the Velcro strap, allows the user to adjust the retention to the desired amount. All you have to do is tighten the Velcro loop, and it will become harder to draw your firearm (conversely loosen the Velcro strap to lessen the retention).

An Affordable IWB Holster
I set the belt loops as high as they would go, this means the weapon will ride lower in my waistband

I bought this holster to go with my M&P compact .40cal, which is a compact on the medium size. Once the holster was adjusted (canted slightly forward, set for deep IWB), I tried it on as a front carry (slightly in front of the blade of the hip). It fit good, however, I always hate driving with the barrel of a gun pointed at my femoral (I know its paranoid, but I just can’t get over it). Next, I slid it directly onto the blade of my hip, again it felt good. I tried a few draws (fast/slow), and I was impressed with how well the holster stayed in place during these drills. Finally, I tried behind the blade of the hip, also a good fit. I decided that directly on the blade of the hip was what worked best for me.

An Affordable IWB Holster
IWB Morrigan holster, with M&P compact .40cal

The first time I took this holster out I was surprised at how comfortable it was (I actually forgot I was wearing a firearm). With the belt loops set for a deep profile, I wasn’t paranoid about my shirt riding up if I reached for something above my head (or bending over). I have had IWB holsters in the past which I had to constantly adjust because of comfort or to maintain the concealment of the firearm itself. This is not the case with the Morrigan.

The Morrigan holster retails for $49.99 making it a great deal considering the built-in customization it offers (belt loops settings). The Morrigan is made in the USA and has an unconditional lifetime warranty. Raven Concealment Systems also offer other holster lines which include: Phantom, Eidolon, and Vanguard (all further break down into sub-categories). If you’re looking for an affordable, quality, comfortable IWB holster, give the Morrigan a try.