I like to think I live by the code ‘You only Stop Learning When Your Dead.” That means a lot of things, and one of those things is learning to improvise and adapt. You do this during situations, with people, and of course with gear. I mention all this because one of the reasons I like the RE Factor Delta Trauma kit is the different ways I could use it in my life. I found RE Factor Tactical’s Slogan, “Unconventional Solutions” to be more than appropriate.

RE Factor Delta Trauma Kit | Review

RE Factor Tactical Trauma Kit – For War?

My experience with IFAK’s is somewhat numerous. I own several and have reviewed two for the Loadout Room, here and here. When reviewing them I look for a few different aspects. One is versatility, how can I arrange the gear. Another is content versus size. How much room do I have to squeeze gear into compared to the intended use of the IFAK.  Lastly, I look at how easy it is to access the kit, especially for self-care.


From a combat perspective the RE Factor Delta Trauma kit scored pretty high marks. In terms of versatility, the kit features a number of internal elastic straps. There is two that run left to right and then three then run vertically on the left-hand side. On the ride side, you have two elastic bands with a number of small rings for holding and organizing gear.  Lots of room to customize for different outfits, and I’ve gotten a bit of practice with a variety of different load outs.

RE Factor Delta Trauma Kit | Review
Filled to the Brim

Space to Play

In terms of room, the Re Factor Delta trauma kit is designed to be a minimalist IFAK. It’s supposed to be low profile, so you are limited in room. In mine, I was able to pack four packages of combat gauze, one CAT tourniquet, two pairs of gloves, one package of H&H Compressed gauze and a mini kit of alcohol pads, ibuprofen, aspirin and other small, but appreciated goods. This does make it a fat bottom girl, but it all fits. This is not made to be a primary IFAK for the modern warfighter and is better suited for police officers and concerned civilians who want a low profile medical option.

RE Factor Delta Trauma Kit | Review

Ease of Use

The RE Factor Tactical Trauma Kit really impressed me by how easy it is to access. The kit opens up wide and gives you everything on a platter. That’s easy and handy. However, the best feature is the fact it detaches from your gear so easily. Undo the buckle and yank it had. The kit is attached to a panel that houses the Malice strips and connects it to the MOLLE. This makes it easy to work with by giving you the medical gear you need right in front of you. You don’t have to fish around, blindly trying to find medical gear in an emergency situation. You can also pass your kit off in an emergency to allow a care taker to work on a severely wounded patient, or multiple patients while you secure a room or take detainees.

RE Factor Delta Trauma Kit | Review
Detaches nice and easy

Overall it’s an excellent kit for tactical operations. A bit small to go to war with, but it’s an excellent tool for civilian and police applications.

RE Factor Delta Trauma Kit | Review
Velcro On Velcro Off

For Peace?

So my wife appropriates a lot of my gear for her own uses. For example, she carried an LA Police Gear range bag as a purse. She’s taken belts, holsters, and pouches from me. She puts them to her own use and grabbed the RE Factor Delta Trauma kit as soon as I left it out. My wife suffers from a rare disease that affects her stomach. Without diving into the details she takes lots of medications and has to take them through a chest port. This requires all her medicines, even something as simple as Benadryl, to be applied via syringe.

RE Factor Delta Trauma Kit | Review

Well, it turns out this kit is absolutely perfect to pack an emergency medical kit for her needs. She can pack a day’s worth of medicine in this kit, so if she forgets to restock her purse she has a back up on her. It’s also small and conveniently about the size of a ‘clutch.’ (A clutch is a small purse or something.) This makes it much more convenient to take to certain social activities where a purse is a pain. For example, the movie theatre makes it a pain to carry a purse, but no one gives her issues with this small kit.

RE Factor Delta Trauma Kit | Review
The Wife Loadout

The Velcro backing allows her to easily attach it to the inside of her purse, which is coated with the “loop” in hook and loop. After this, I doubt I will ever see this kit again, as it’s become a part of her Everyday Carry. My wife’s condition doesn’t make her life easy and often adds layers of frustration and makes things a pain in the ass. I really owe RE Factor Tactical a thank you for this trauma kit. Want one? Shop here!