Low profile individual first aid kits are really becoming popular these days. Blue Force Gear’s Micro TKN has been a huge hit with concealed carriers and the casual adventurer. The Delta Trauma Kit follows in the same vein of being low profile but also being a bit bigger. This kit isn’t designed for the belt, but for the pack, or plate carrier. This is our First Look at the Delta Trauma Kit.

RE Factor Tactical Delta Trauma Kit | First Look

RE Factor Tactical’s Delta Trauma Kit

RE Factor Tactical is a veteran owned and operated tactical gear company that makes a little of everything. The Delta Trauma Kit is designed to give users an IFAK that doesn’t hang 6 to 8 inches off a plate carrier or a war belt. I can certainly see the need for Police and even some soldiers and Marines to have a slim IFAK. When climbing in and out of buildings, vehicles and other tight areas you want to minimize your footprint to increase your ability to move.

RE Factor Tactical Delta Trauma Kit | First Look

The Delta Trauma Kit does that perfectly. Outside of the Soldier and Cop realm, this is a great little attachment to an EDC or camping bag. It’s small and doesn’t scream tacticool. While small it’s big enough to fit the essentials of a first aid or trauma kit.

The in’s and out’s

You can squeeze in quite a bit of gear and organize it via elastic bands. The rear is just MOLLE, but polymer Malice clips which are amazing in their own right. It is sealed via a zipper and a buckle to hold that one piece of gear you can’t fit in the kit. Off the top of my head it’s the perfect place for a tourniquet.

RE Factor Tactical Delta Trauma Kit | First Look

I really like the Delta Trauma kit design. It’s large enough to be useful and small enough to be convenient. I’m actually going to outfit this kit as a trauma kit first and see how it stacks up when used as intended. After that I plan to give it to my wife. She’s chronically ill, and due to her condition takes several medications through a port. This involves syringes, glass bottles of medicine, needles and more. I think this kit would be perfect for her to organize her medical needs while being no larger than a pocket-book.

You can check it out here.