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Mention precision rifles, and most of us  will immediately think of a factory-customized AR or bolt-action rifle that weighs 11 to 13 pounds with a scope. These rifles often have excellent accuracy and equally “excellent” prices, starting at about $900 for a basic bolt gun and easily topping $2,500. Add a $2,000 scope and a few accessories, and the cost is higher than many law enforcement agencies will pay.

Long-range hunters also have problems with these big, heavy bolt guns. Whether you sit in a blind overlooking an Eastern beanfield or hunt in the high mountain country of the West, you’ll want a rugged rifle that doesn’t weigh a ton. It didn’t take too many hours for my arms to get weary carrying a full-sized sporter in Arizona or holding one in the ready position while sitting in Virginia deer blinds. I quickly learned to pack a lightweight rifle.

If you’re a SWAT officer or long-range hunter, it would be nice if you could get an accurate bolt-action rifle that weighed 6.6 pounds or less in a flat-shooting caliber, such as the 6.5 Creedmoor, for less than $550. Just another pipe dream? Not really. Sturm, Ruger & Company recently introduced such a gun—the Ruger American Predator.

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