Real Avid has created some excellent tools to make gun cleaning simpler, quicker, and more pleasant.  I was already a fan of their Bore Boss system and Handgun Tool (which I use for everything).  Recently I decided to give their Carbon Boss tool a try.

The Carbon Boss offers specialized tools for scraping just about every part of an AR-15 bolt that get buildup.  To test it I pulled out a bolt that had about 500 rounds of filth and a few months of sitting.  You can see the results in real time in the video below.

While I wouldn’t call the Carbon boss quite as revolutionary as the Bore Boss or Handgun Tool, it does provide a single-source tool for tackling some of my least-favorite areas to clean.  12 different surfaces provide the help.  Below is the description as taken directly from the product webpage.

  • Innovative compact triangular frame design
  • Single-sided design for fast tool access
  • Protective sheath with carry strap
  • Durable engineering-grade resin and non-hardened 420 stainless steel tools
  • Folding tools use liner locks or detents to stay in place
  • AR15 bolt tail scraper (interior and exterior)
  • Pin punch for AR15 disassembly
  • Firing pin scrapers (3)
  • Bolt brushes – bronze phosphor (2)
  • Rotating combination SMART BRUSH™
  • Cotter pin puller
  • Bolt face scraper
  • Bolt lug scraper
  • Bolt carrier scraper
  • Bolt cam pin scraper

One thing I am certain of is how much I would have appreciated such a tool during my time in uniform.  Even today when I have an entire tackle box of cleaning tools and accessories, the Carbon Boss means less digging and increased productivity as I pair down my supply.  The Carbon Boss would also be handy in a range bag when going to a school or training event.  It always seems to be the thing we aren’t prepared for that strikes us.  Real Avid’s tools makes being prepared a little more organized and simple.

Let us know what you use to minimize your cleaning chores.