The Sig 320 is going to change the way we think about firearms. Brügger & Thomet (B&T) of Switzerland has announced a new polymer version of their Universal Service Weapon (USW) which uses the trigger module from the Sig 320 as a fire control unit. More than a pistol and not quite a rifle the USW is a gun that demands its own classification. The ATF calls it a Short Barrelled Rifle (SBR).

In an email from B&T, their spokesperson said:

“We have not received or released any of the P320 US modules at this time.

We expect to receive some answers as to the importability to the US in the very near future.’

B&T does not have ATF approval at this time.


I have watched with interest as the EXO One used a Sig 320 trigger module and an arm brace to make a new pistol. I look forward to seeing the B&T USW320 and all the follow on products which come with it. The Firearm Blog broke the story on this and now the cat is out of the bag.

This is the original B&T USW-A1

The initial version of the USW320 will be shipped with a stock as a parts kit requiring no FFL for purchase. Before inserting the trigger module, the USW320 must be registered as an SBR. I suspect it won’t be long before it is available with an arm brace.

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Photos and video courtesy of B&T/B&T USA.