Sample from the new book:  The Reaper: Autobiography of One of the Deadliest Special Ops Snipers 

” I reached up on my elevation turret and came up two minutes of angle. That way I had given myself a bit of leeway. Either I was going to hit the very top of his head and crease his skull or hit him right between the eyes. I reset the trigger and felt and heard the little metallic “click”. I wanted to reduce the slack in the trigger, particularly with the two-stage trigger my weapon employed.

An instant after I squeezed the trigger on the second shot and the recoil of the rifle pushed the butt-stock against my shoulder, I saw the target’s glowing white eyes roll back just as his head tilted straight back and then plunged forward like his head was on a tightly coiled spring.

I thought I’d hit him, but it was only when I heard a faint splash on the ground, what sounded like a chunky liquid being spilled, was I more or less certain that the round had found its mark. Nearly simultaneous to that sound, I saw………”


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