Over the last several months, tragedy has struck seemingly more times than can be kept up with. And now, with MGM/Mandalay Bay facing lawsuits alleging culpability in the October massacre, the questions remain: How can we stay safe, and what responsibility do we have to foresee the unthinkable?

Former Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent Jonathan T. Gilliam offers a method of preparedness in his new book, Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival.

Mr. Gilliam details how to gather information so that you can assess dangers in your life, by approaching your surroundings from an attacker’s point of view.

  • Why Threat Levels and Known Threats are different
  • How to assess critical attack areas at home and in the community
  • Attacker’s Avenues of Approach
  • Types of Attacks, and More

Jonathan T. Gilliam wants all Americans to be more aware, avoid attacks, and survive if they are ever confronted with the reality of an imminent violent attack.

Excerpt from the book:

Sheep No More is the awareness bible that allows you, the reader, to radically change your perception of the world around you, by teaching you proven techniques to discover the key criticalities of awareness in and around your surroundings. After reading this book, you will be able to make educated predictions about who and why you could be attacked, where and when attacks could happen, and how an attack could be carried out against you.

The key factor in this book is the technique of “Attack and Defend,” which is based on a combination of tactics, techniques, and procedures I learned in the SEALTeams and various law-enforcement agencies in which I served, combined with the simple “what if” game you might have played as a child. The secret to gaining defensive awareness is first understanding how an attacker views potential targets. Without the knowledge of how an attacker thinks or a complete understanding of an attacker’s target package, your ability to set up proper defenses is reduced to a guessing game. As you will see, the technique of Attack and Defend is dependent on a crawl, walk, run approach to gaining knowledge, then understanding, followed by experience in going back and forth between the attacker and defender mindset. In doing this, you reinforce your ability to combine the attacker and defender mindsets into one set of techniques so you can make educated decisions about your specific defensive critical areas, critical times, and vulnerabilities that make you susceptible to attack.

The chapters in Sheep No More are organized to guide you through a similar learning process as military and government targeting experts. First, you will learn the steps to build a target package. Next, you will learn how to analyze your life and its critical areas, critical times, vulnerabilities, and any avenues of approach, all from the attacker’s point of view. This book will guide you through the various ways to collect information about yourself and your surroundings so you have a greater historical knowledge to defend against the different people and groups that might attack you, how their methods of attack have evolved, where their attacks have occurred, and when you are most likely to be attacked in your daily life.

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*Photo and excerpt used with permission from Post Hill Press