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The Foray pack from Dunamis Gear is a worthy EDC pack that is neither overbuilt or underwhelming. Its basic tactical look comes across simple, but that idea is debunked as soon as you pick it up and inspect it.


I remember a joke from my teenage years: “Never trust a girl with a tiny backpack”, a reference to those miniature backpack purses that women used to wear. It was just a joke about those goofy looking things which didn’t seem very functional. So the same should be true about men right? Can we trust a man with a tiny backpack?…Probably not. Well, this is in no way a tiny backpack, it just seems small, because it’s so light, and you can definitely trust this pack. It’s definitely not a man-purse.


“Overbuilt” is one of those buzz words I hear used in the pack world for methods to make a pack indestructible. We all know everything has a breaking point but over-building a pack sometimes leads to unnecessary weight in webbing and Cordura, straps buckles and the like. There is a point where too much fabric and webbing and cordage and “stuff” just gets ridiculous. The Foray is made with just the right amount of heft and durability but with your back and shoulders in mind. It’s surprisingly light when you put it on and can carry just enough of what you need.

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