If you can slap it on a Glock someone will make it. The Glock and the AR 15 share a lot of traits in terms of popularity. Some folks make awesome upgrades for them, some just make dumb stuff. Most of the time you can separate one from the other immediately, other times you need some hands-on to separate the dumb from the great. This review features one of those other times. When Recover Tactical sent me their Glock charging handle I was curious, but not intrigued.


Before we dive into the performance aspect of this device let’s talk about why it exists. At first, I didn’t get it, and as an instructor, it really should have dawned on me sooner. The Glock Charging handle is designed for shooters with diminished hand strength. The extra purchase allows these shooters to easily rack their gun. I would say it works well in that regard. I have a number of people come to my classes who lack the strength to rack a handgun. In the last few classes, the Glock 17 with charging handle has been my loaner gun.

I’ve yet to have a student who couldn’t rack the gun. That little extra grip makes a big difference. Most people who ‘can’t rack a gun just don’t know how to. I can use this charging handle as training wheels to teach proper technique.


Is that it?

I’m a big burly man who ain’t got no problems racking a Glock! But…I will say the little extra grip does offer you a little more control. If you’re the type who wants to press check their gun just to be sure this will certainly help. The extra width and grip does help when you are wearing gloves too. I don’t have harsh winters to deal with but if your kittens are in mittens I’d imagine this would help just a bit.

If you are running a red dot and want to maximize leverage this is another option to do so. The little extra bulk is nothing next to the bulk of a red dot optic. I would imagine if your hand were wet or sweaty and you were trying to clear a jam in a hurry all that extra leverage may be worth it.

The Glock Charging Handle Design

The design is actually very well thought out. It’s rounded and tapered to minimize bulk. I have yet to find a holster is doesn’t work with it installed. The rounded nature makes it perfectly comfortable for carrying IWB and it doesn’t snag or catch anything on the draw.


Price and Installation

Two of my biggest concern with any modification is how much is it going to cost and how hard is it to install. The Recover Tactical Glock Charging Handle is priced to move at 15 bucks. It also takes about five minutes to install and comes with all the tools you need to do so.

The Only Gun Control We Support

It’s two simple pieces that connect with screws and a bolt. It attaches to the rear serrations and that’s it. There is no permanent mod needed to the gun and if you don’t like it take it off and move on. Recover Tactical does an excellent job of creating simple, affordable, and easy to install gun mods.


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It’s Not For Everyone

Sure, not everyone needs this, and not everyone will benefit from it. For those that will, this is likely the most affordable and simple option out there to add a little leverage to your Glock. The Glock charging handle has a hard to beat the price, and it does add a greater degree of control and manipulation to your slide. For those that need that extra leverage, it will be invaluable.

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