Registration is open for his year’s Rifle Dynamics Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championships at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range. This is a great facility in a gorgeous area, and a great opportunity to run the “ComBloc” gun under stressful but enjoyable conditions.

God willing and the Creek don’t rise, we’re gonna have one of our guys there at the match this year, both to cover it and to compete (that would be you, Phagan, if you weren’t already aware). We’re looking to actually build him a competition gun this year; hopefully, he’ll be able to give it a little “flavor”, just as he did the Doom Rifle 3-Gun Collection and the Gila Monster (which you’ll be reading about soon). That said, Russell likes wood (*snicker*) so we may do some sort of iconic classic with all wood furniture. Haven’t decided yet. If that does happen, we’ll cover the build from front to back, so if you have a suggestion for a part, let us know.

Here’s a shot of his gear from last year. A video of the match is below.

Red October THIS Oktober – 2018 at SUPSR

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