Red Rock Outdoor Gear makes a number of different packs and bags that are genuinely well priced and well-built. I did a first look some time ago on Red Rock Defender pack and have been using it as a basic everyday carry bag. It hasn’t been stressed too much, but it has proven to be quite capable.

Get Organized with the Red Rock Defender

One of the main features I like is the amount of space dedicated to organizing everything. I’m not the most organized person, but I have this weird compulsion to organize my packs. Through my short military career I’ve grown to absolutely hate having to constantly dig and dig to find that one little thing I need. As a writer I carry some random junk with me, and since I have to joy of often writing about things that go boom I carry even a wider variety of weird gear.

Red Rock Defender Final Review
Nice and Easy to Organize

It’s all packed away, nice and tight and out-of-the-way. I also keep a number of tools, forms, and gear I use during my day job. I work in emergency management and sometimes I’m loaned out from my home office to respond around the state for emergency situations. This could be fires, floods, and whatever else can hit the great state of Florida. When these come I gotta hit the ground running, so I like to keep it all packed up ahead of time.

Red Rock Defender Final Review
Some Basic Work Paperwork

It All Fits

The internal hook and loop padding on the side is perfect for the Blue Force Gear Dapper pouches, and they attach perfectly to it. This further organizes the pack. If I wanted to add to the pack the Laser cut PALS system is perfect for attaching extra pouches. I’m really coming around to Laser cut PALS. It’s really easy to attach extra pouches and gear. Normal PALS is easy, but Laser cut seems to be much faster, and even when the pack is full it’s easy to attach more gear to it. I don’t fatten my pack up much, but the possibility to do so is quite nice.

Red Rock Defender Final Review
Dapper Pouches and extra gear

The biggest draw to the Red Rock Defender is it’s price range. It’s well under a hundred dollars. Would this be a pack I carry to Afghanistan? Probably not. It’s not big enough for long-term use. The Storage space is slightly less than a standard daypack. For example, the main pack is basically filled in by a 3-liter hydration bladder. It’s more of a two-day bag than a three-day bag.

Red Rock Defender Final Review
Laser Cut PALS vs Standard MOLLE

Would I carry this pack to a fire in California? Or a flood in Miami? You are darn right I would. It is a thoroughly modern pack, and when you consider the price it is really hard to beat. As a school pack, a simple vehicle bag, or everyday pack I definitely see a role for it.