Saying I have a thing for packs might be an understatement. I never realized how many I had, and how I can’t separate myself from them. I have everything from old school metal framed ALICE packs to Blue Force Gear’s latest offering. They all have a role to fill in my life. The newest pack in this line up is the Red Rock Defender pack.

Red Rock is a brand of Outdoor backpacks that implement military tech and blend it with civilian applications. They are also one of the more affordable options for a tactical backpack. The Red Rock Defender is a standard sized day pack that is superbly modern.

Red Rock Defender Overview.

Of course, it is a backpack, but its very well made. I keep discovering more and more about the pack as I fool around with it. It has three total compartments, one main, one secondary and one thin front pouch. The main compartment has a section set aside for a hydration bladder. There is also a cut under the external carry handle to run the main drinking tube out of.

Red Rock Defender Pack | First Look
Lots of room to organize

The opposite side of the main pouch has a set of touch fastener lining, which allows you to connect any hook and loop style pouches or accessories. For example, the Blue Force Gear Dapper pouches fit perfectly inside it.

The second pouch is actually divided into several small sections. This is an excellent admin pouch with room for pens, pencils, notebooks, paperwork, all separated and organized in the pack. There is also a small section with a net pouch for little gear.

The last outside pouch is very thin and is about the right size to store a tablet, a book, or some magazines. It is quite small, and thin, but it could help keep your gear better organized.

On the Outside

The Red Rock Defender is covered with laser cut MOLLE panels for attaching additional gear. There is one main panel on the front of the pack, and two smaller panels on the sides. The Panels on the sides are also pockets for small gear like water bottles.

Red Rock Defender Pack | First Look
Padded Backing

Lastly, the back of the pack has a nice set of pads for increased comfort and breathability during long hikes. The pack weighs a mere 2 pounds empty and the stitching is all reinforced rather well. The pack itself can contain a total of 22 liters of total storage.

Keep watching this area for a full review. If you want to check the pack out for yourself check it here.