At sniper section of 3rd Ranger Battalion, the majority of the guys used an old 1950s rifle bag to carry their long rifle in during a stalk. Although the rifle case was extremely durable, after all, it had endured countless airborne operations, it had a few shortcomings.
We had to make a few alterations to those bags in order to convert them into standard ‘drag bags’ and to properly conceal the large case during a stalk. If I could go back in time, there is one rifle case I think our section would have benefited greatly from, not just as a drag bag during a stalk lane, but for an everyday rifle bag: the Red Rock Tactical Rifle Bag.
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The Red Rock Deluxe Rifle Backpack takes the gold in this category. I put this bag through everything a typical sniper school would and then some. The only problem I had was needing to replace one of the plastic buckles near the top opening end. I didn’t enjoy dragging this case behind my jeep through mud trails with a rifle inside, but the bag kept the contents safe.


On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of comfort and 1 representing what I felt like in Ranger school, the Red Rock Deluxe Rifle Backpack would rate a solid 9. Carrying my rifle with its standard load, optics, and suppressor on my back was not an issue at all. The waist straps and padding distributed the weight almost perfectly. I don’t see anyone having an issue carrying this for long periods of time, especially to and from a FFP.
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The Red Rock Deluxe Rifle Backpack can be purchased directly from the company website for $149.00.
Stay tuned for a full review of this bag following additional comprehensive testing.
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