First and foremost, I want to preface this review by saying this is my first experience with a sling pack. Being it’s a sling pack, I didn’t want to load the thing down and cause myself unneeded neck pain, so I went on the lighter side with my loadout. On a recent road trip I packed the following gear in the Red Rock Gear Recon Sling Pack to take to and from the car, hotel room, and when on the move.

Red Rock Recon Sling Pack: Review
Contents in the main compartment

Colors: Black, Coyote, Dark Earth, OD

Weight: 1 lb, 3 oz

Material: 600D Polyester

Capacity: 800 cubic inches

Dimensions: 18” x 11” x 8”

Linear Length: 37”

MSRP: $59 direct from Red Rock Outdoor Gear. Available on Amazon for a little less.


  • Adjustable sling strap with quick release buckle. A stabilizer strap is also included to help keep the sling pack from moving around during movement. I’ve walked several miles with this pack and have to say it was extremely comfortable and didn’t shift around at all.
Red Rock Recon Sling Pack: Review
Sling strap and stabilizer strap.
  • Quick access concealed carry compartment
Red Rock Recon Sling Pack: Review
Concealed Carry Compartment
  • Utility pouch for essentials with velcro face for that favorite morale patch or unit patch
Red Rock Recon Sling Pack: Review
Small accessory pocket
  • Four storage compartments
  • Molle webbing platform on front panel and sides for adding additional gear and pouches
Red Rock Recon Sling Pack: Review
Molle webbing on the front
  • The padding against your back and on the main strap make carrying this sling pack over distance much more comfortable.
Red Rock Recon Sling Pack: Review
Padding on the backside of the sling pack

Advantages of the Red Rock Recon Sling Pack:

  • The pack keeps my contents securely in place. I didn’t want my concealed carry gear spilling out or being readily visible when I reach for water, a snack, or any other daily items.
  • The pack allows you to access everything including your firearm without having to take the pack off. This is handy on the trail when needing to take a drink from your water bottle or eating a snack on the go.
  • You can carry the bag onto public transportation and not have to set it down next to you, on the ground, or under a seat. Just swing the pack around and have a seat.

Bottom Line:

If you want a good bail out bag with room for a few of life’s luxuries or work items this bag is perfect. It would make a great traveling bag, as setting it down is not necessary. Just don’t expect to load an extra set of clothes in it. The pack provides an excellent way to clandestinely move a firearm from one place to another. Especially in the summer time when wearing shorts or less clothing that makes carrying concealed more difficult. It makes a great little pack to store a firearm in an unfriendly environment, and if you have no other choice, it’s certainly better to use this pack as your CCW carry than not having a gun at all.