Regardless of whether you are a hunter, soldier, or shooting enthusiast you can benefit from a sling. Slings can provide relief while on long movements, create a more stable shooting platform, or provide a tactical advantage in a firefight. As with most weapon accessories, the market for slings is absolutely saturated. The two slings that we will be looking at today are the D1 Rapid-Fit tactical slng, and the Universal sling from Red Rock Outdoor Gear.

As mentioned in the Red Rock Summit article, Red Rock produces tactical/practical gear for police, firefighters/first-responders, military, hunters, survivalist, and outdoor enthusiasts. Their product line includes: Mavrik (customizable packs and weapons cases), netting (camouflage), ghillie suits, rifle slings, backpacks, sling packs & bags, hydration packs, conceal carry bags, first-aid, survival, and MOLLE attachments.

So how do you decide what kind of sling works for you? How, and why you are using your weapon should dictate the type of sling you need. If you are moving through close-quarters and need to transition from your rifle to another weapon, or piece of gear, an on-the-fly adjustable sling would work well. Conversely, if you are hunting deer and simply need something to allow you to shoulder carry your weapon, a traditional non-adjusting sling would be ideal.

Universal Sling

  • Slide buckle re-sizer
  • 1 1/4” flat nylon webbing
  • Used as a 1-point or 2-point sling
  • Synthetic material is weather resistant
  • Built-in hooks for fast attachment
  • MSRP $19
(Left) Universal Sling (Right) D1 Rapid-Fit Sling

The universal sling is something that I would put on my deer, or bird gun. Once adjusted to my specifications the sling stays in that position. I can shoulder carry my weapon as I walk to my blind, and I can use the sling to assist with long shots. The hooks that are built onto this sling are a little larger than I typically like, but didn’t interfere with the operation(s) of my weapons. With this sling, you can easily remove their hooks and customize it the way you want. If you are looking for a simple, traditional sling, this is it.

D1 Rapid-Fit Sling

  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Rapid re-sizer (adjust sling on the go)
  • Quick-release buckle
  • 2” elastic webbing (the portion of the sling on shoulder and back)
  • Adjustable from 40” to 57”
  • MSRP $60

The D1 Rapid-Fit sling is something that I would put on my M4. The rapid-adjustment makes it easy for me to secure my weapon tight against my body when I need my hands free. The elastic webbing provides comfort and the ability to stretch the weapon an additional inch or two. This can come in handy if you are leaning around something and need to punch out the weapon, or for a barrel check (the act of striking someone with your barrel tip).

Whether you need tactical, or simple, there is a Red Rock sling for you to consider. In total, Red Rock has eight different slings to compare. Most of the slings are also offered in black, tan, or OD green. Remember to select the sling that is appropriate to the task that you are performing. Personally, I am a huge fan of simplicity when it comes to my kit. I tend to be in the “less is more”category.

Nowadays, I find myself doing more hunting than tactical shooting, and because of this, I found myself favoring the Universal sling. Although the elastic webbing on the D1 Rapid-Fit added comfort, it didn’t compliment how I shoulder carry my bird/deer guns. However, if you front-carry your weapon (like down-range), then the D1 Rapid-Fit will work well for you. Regardless, take a look at all the slings available from Red Rock before making your decision to purchase a sling.

Both The D1 Rapid-Fit and Universal Slings can be found at Red Rock Outdoor Gear

Robert McCartney served with the 2nd Ranger Battalion from 2003-2007 where he deployed four times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. He attended Jump school, Ranger school and has served as a riflemen progressing to a team leader. After leaving the Military Robert became a Customs and Border Protection Officer, working at both Seaports and Airports. During his time at CBP he has been utilized as a Range Safety Officer and K9 Handler, and EMT. When not spending time with his wife and kids, Robert spends his time bowhunting in Washington State, and lifting heavy things. Fun Certifications: CF-L1, Firefighter I, EMT.