Although there is a time and place for a large rucksack, I often find myself in need of a smaller EDC (everyday carry). During my work I board container ships and need to ensure I have all the tools required to complete my duties. During hunting or scouting, I like to have a smaller pack when I know I’ll be returning to camp the same night. I don’t see the need to bring the entire camp with me each time I decide to do a sit-in. I selected the Summit Backpack from the guys at Red Rock Outdoor Gear.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear produces tactical gear practical for police, firefighters/first-responders, military, hunters, survivalist, and outdoor enthusiasts at an affordable cost. Their product line includes: Mavrik (customizable packs and weapons cases), netting (camouflage), ghillie suits, rifle slings (reviews coming soon), backpacks, sling packs & bags, hydration packs, conceal carry bags, first-aid, survival, and MOLLE attachments.  If you are in need of this type of equipment, or you have never visited their website before, I recommend taking a look at their lineup.

Red Rock Summit | Affordable EDC and Day Hike Pack
Front/Back views of the Summit Backpack by Red Rock Outdoor Gear.

Summit Backpack Features/Specifications

    • 23 liter capacity
    • 2.1 lbs
    • Colors – tan, OD, black, ACU
    • 10”L X 9”W X 18”H
    • Hydration sleeve with routing for hose
    • MOLLE webbing compatible throughout design
    • Compression straps
    • Dual mesh water bottle holders
    • Internal compartments to assist with organization
    • Chest strap
    • External adjustable elastic gear strap (perfect for shedding layers)
    • MSRP — $69

After getting this pack, and reading the specifications, the first thing I tried to do was fill it with 23 liters of water. Obviously this was unsuccessful, so I did a capacity test of my own. Here is the gear I was able to fit inside this pack during my capacity test:

Basically, everything I might need while I am away from camp for the day. I needed to use my Ranger ruck-packing skills for some of the items, however, I was able to get everything inside and secured.

Red Rock Summit | Affordable EDC and Day Hike Pack
Summit Backpack capacity test.

The pack is constructed from 600 Denier Polyester with PVC lining. Denier is a sewing measurement that indicates the materials characteristics. For example, a 400D would indicate a finer fabric than a 600D. That being said, be cautious when using this system to determine a fabrics strength. A lower Denier nylon is still stronger than a higher Denier polyester. The PVC lining helps make the pack water resistant and adds overall strength.

One thing that did disappoint me about this pack was the lack of a waist strap. I am a huge fan of waist straps. They come in handy while on long hikes and add additional space for customizable storage. Additionally, I had to make some adjustments to the pack out-of-the-box before I could use it. The factory set the chest strap so high that when I initially put it on, it was over my neck. Neither of these issues should cause you to take a pass on this pack. It took me 30 seconds to fix the chest strap, and I was the one that choose the pack without the waist strap.

So far I have been pleased with the pack. It balances well when full, items are easily obtainable, and it is highly customizable. The materials used appear well-constructed and the stitching is uniform throughout. I will revisit this pack after bear/deer hunting seasons are over (late 2015). If there are any significant weaknesses to this pack, I am sure that my hunting buddy and I will expose them during that time.

The Summit Backpack can be found at Red Rock Outdoor Gear here or a great deal on Amazon.