Too many times I’ve had what was going to be a nice meal ruined by 2 or 3 flies that just wouldn’t go away. Traditional flyswatters aren’t always effective when dealing with crafty flies that only land on your food.

Never again will any of us have to sit through a BBQ anxiously waving our hands over our nacho plates nervously trying to thwart these terrorizing nasty and obstinate flies from landing their dirty diseased bug-paws on our Burgers and Ribs!


A new kind of Assault Rifle designed to eliminate the terrorist threat posed by dirty and annoying dinner bombing insects.

The rifle is “Pump-Action” so it requires no batteries and uses common table salt for ammunition. That’s right flies! Unlimited free ammo!

I was trying to think of something clever to say about this weapon of peace and sovereignty; but this is a situation where the gear speaks for its self.

The video says it all.

Go ahead and just order one online now: Bug A Salt