We all love new calibers right?  Whether you need one, want one, or you even feel like it has a place in the industry.  We love new calibers because they represent R&D within the industry, a sure sign of health.  Tough times means slashed R&D budgets with companies focusing on producing only what is necessary.  A flourishing market means money for testing and developing.

One of the most successful new cartridges of the last 20 years is undoubtedly the .300 Blackout.  While many shooters have adopted this chambering, the cost of subsonic rounds hasn’t dropped with popularity quite the way many shooters have expected.  Ammunition reloaders usually have a couple of benefits available to them: more accurate (consistent) loads, or less expensive ones.

In the below video YouTube channel Rolling Blackouts demonstrates his technique for reloading .300 blackout subsonic rounds for 6 cents apiece, which of course doesn’t include the cost of reloading hardware.  Check it out!

Rex Nanorum