The Remington 700 is the all-time best selling bolt-action rifle in America.  Despite issues in recent years leading to a lot of bad press for the venerable 700, it is still a favorite of many shooters.  Part of the 700’s success in enduring difficult times is it’s robust aftermarket support.  The 700 is like the Chevy 350 of rifles. If you can dream up a part for it, someone is likely already making it.

One of the big drawbacks most bolt-action rifles have for modern shooters is the lack of a detachable box magazine.  The old internal magazine style is fine for low volume shooters and hunters who want to keep weight down, but there’s a huge market for detachable magazine bottom metal (DBM) retrofit kits.

One such kit is the Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well, which is made for their Hunter stock but can be retrofitted into many others.  Coming in at $69.95 for the bottom “metal” (polymer) and magazine, it is one of the more economical choices around.  As a bonus, it uses the commonly available AICS pattern magazines.

In the below video, YouTube user bvanharen covers inletting (grinding material away) the stock to fit the larger footprint of Magpul’s DBM.  This isn’t the most professionally produced vid on Youtube. This fella isn’t running a precision machine shop either. The video is excellent at demonstrating just how technically straightforward this process is.

Rex Nanorum