Earlier this month I bought a Remington 870 Tac-14 firearm (please read our initial write-up).

How To Remove a Stuck Socket From a Remington 870 Magazine Tube

I’ve been very busy with a new job, changes in schedule, out of town guests, and training, so I haven’t had a chance to start my the Tac-14 project in earnest until last weekend.

The first modification was to install a Scattergun Technologies +1 magazine extension tube.

It seemed easy at first (unscrew the old mag tube cap, remove spring and follower, install new spring and follower, screw on new mag tube cap), but like most things there was a catch.

In this case, an actual catch — two dimples in the mag tube prevented the new follower from moving in the tube, which kept me from adding an extra shotshell.

There are four ways people usually remove the Remington 870 dimples:

  1. Use a Dremel / rotary tool to cut the dimples out from the inside of the magazine tube
  2. Use a specialized tool such as this one made by Brownells
  3. Drill the dimples out from the outside of the magazine tube
  4. Use a socket wrench and a mallet to push the dimples to the surface of the magazine tube, finishing off with a punch to take care of the edges

I chose the socket method for a few reasons:

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Photos courtesy of Short Barrel Shepherd