*Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear

Cannae (kind of pronounced the way Forest Gump says Jenny) released the new Transport Tactical Duffle Bag earlier this year. Not long ago, we got our sweaty hands on it. This bag has served us very well, carrying sweat-soaked clothes and gym gear to and from the house of pain, and helping us live out of various hotels on weekends.

Transport Tactical Duffle

The Transport Tactical Duffle is currently offered in either black or coyote. The exterior of the bag has a long mesh pocket on the side, which works great to hold a towel or clothes that are dirty or dripping with saline solution. This works well for travel or as a gym bag — we’ve primarily been using ours for the latter. However, there was one feature that left us perplexed: a hole at the bottom center of the mesh area, along with the lower seam. Perhaps it’s drainage, as the bottom of the pocket isn’t mesh.

Not really sure about that.

Speaking of the bottom of the bag, it has a rubberized coating and four rubber feet. This bag has gone as checked baggage on four separate flights now with multiple aircraft swaps and still looks brand new. That isn’t something we can say of ordinary plastic rolling luggage.

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