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The world is changing before our eyes every minute of every day. New technologies propel industry forward with better efficiency, quality and end-user satisfaction. Having developed into somewhat of a curmudgeon by my late 20s, I have sometimes been dragged into accepting change for the past couple of decades. I’m one of those folks who usually likes the old ways better—such as cell phones with buttons, MP3 players just being MP3 players and typing search queries into a text box rather than calling out to an inanimate object on the kitchen countertop. I’m sure you can sense the irony.

No such hesitation exists, however, when it comes to the incredible advances made in the firearms industry. Granted, I, along with plenty of other folks, was dubious about mainstream polymer-framed handguns during their initial foray into the firearms industry. Those doubts quickly went away, and I learned my lesson. Now I’m proud to say that when I saw the introduction of the new Sig Sauer P320 RX, I was one of the first in line to try it out, and you might call me an early adopter. Baby steps.

The P320 RX is a new addition to Sig’s already popular line of pistols with polymer grip modules and interchangeable trigger control groups. Building on the success of the P320, Sig Sauer recently made some enhancements to the line, creating variants that are truly at home in a combat environment.

The main enhancement was the inclusion of a preinstalled reflex sight—Sig Sauer’s ROMEO1 model. The company’s second change was the incorporation of suppressor-height SIGLITE night sights that can be co-witnessed through the reflex sight’s optical window. But before we jump off into the deep end, let’s take a step back and survey the basic platform on which these changes were made.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life