RESCO Instruments Hooper Diver

Back in the summer of 1975, a movie was about to be introduced that would change the tide of people’s psyche forever. A young Steven Spielberg released the film JAWS across 450 screens and defined the term ‘Summer Blockbuster’. The movie was an instant classic and created a widespread fear of the ocean for millions of people that summer. In the film, actor Richard Dreyfus plays a curly haired oceanographer named Matt Hooper who is searching for the gigantic Great White that is eating beachgoers. Very few people cared back then, but in a few scenes, Hooper can be seen wearing a rugged and unique watch that few people had ever seen before.

Not until 2010 was the mystery solved of the identity of the watch that Richard Dreyfus was wearing. The watch in question was the Alsta Nautoscaph, produced by the Alstater Watch Company. It seems that many collectors gravitated towards this lesser-known timepiece not just for its vintage look and design, but because of its elusive nature after being on the silver screen. Although the company went extinct years ago, there have been a few companies that remade this cult classic amongst collectors. RESCO Instruments has done an impeccable job at breathing fresh air back into this classic.

RESCO Instruments brings back a classic timepiece

RESCO instruments was founded back in 2009 by Navy SEAL Rob Smith and his wife Nicole in Coronado California, home to the West Coast SEAL teams. Prior to joining the Navy, Rob was an avid watch collector and even knew how to build them. During his days as an instructor, Rob was known by BUD/s candidates to wear a watch on either wrist. Luminox tries to take the title of Official Navy SEAL watch, but as of 2017, you can find a RESCO on the wrists’ of hundreds of active and retired SEALs.

Released back in 2014 and still in production today, RESCO has consistently offered the Hooper in small batch quantities every year. Slightly different from the original with larger indices and a trident sweep (second hand), it’s still a spitting image of the classic with minimal modifications. When it was first introduced, you had the option of a Swiss Quartz movement or the Valanvron VAL-24 automatic movement. But as times goes on and better movements become available, the new models come with the Swiss ETA-2824 movement. One that is more reliable and accurate compared to the VAL-24. Two options are available for the Hooper. You can get it in a black PVD coating or the brushed stainless. The PVD coated version retails for $1,255 and the stainless comes in at $1,055. You can call RESCO and ask for a Quartz movement instead which should retail around $800.00.

RESCO Instruments brings back a classic timepiece

One of the finer touches that RESCO offers with the Hooper is the optional steel bracelet that looks similar to the bracelet on the Alsta worn in JAWS. I personally think that the bracelet compliments the vintage appearance of the Hooper and separates it from anything else offered by RESCO. Lume is not an issue with the Hooper due to them using BWG9 SuperLuminova which, after some sun, can be as bright as Tritium for quite some time. If the bracelet isn’t your style, bands can easily be switched by popping out the spring bars and adding straps such as buffalo, sting ray skin or a simple NATO band. With a depth rating of 200 Meters, The Hooper will go as deep as you can and will last generations to come. No one will pass on their Apple Watch to their child but I assure you, this one watch will outlive you.