The plan was to attack a large, heavy transport ship, ‘The Donau’. Max Manus met with his dock contacts and synchronized watches. The attack had to go off exactly on time in order to cause the maximum amount of damage to the German war machine while offering the shore-based saboteurs the best chance of escape.

The water surrounding the wharf was full of floating ice and the atmosphere was tense as the guards that were posted on the wharf to protect the ‘Donau’ regularly aimed their rifles and shot into the water at anything that was suspicious. The stakes were high but the pair moved forward with the plan. 
Manus and his companion, Roy Nielsen outfitted in full kit with over 100 meters of Cordtex detonation cord tied around their waists and all concealed under dry suits, approached the dock guard station. Aided by a small diversion of the guards and a good deal of luck, they made it passed the checkpoint.

A rope ladder was let down amongst the wharf timbers and a small inflatable boat was assembled under the small pier.  Eleven limpet mines were carefully loaded into the inflatable along with two Sten guns, ammunition and grenades in case they had to fight their way out of trouble. The two men removed their dry suits and stepped into the inflatable in preparation to push off. If everything went as planned, the pre-timed diversion set forth by the shore-based saboteurs would offer sufficient cover for the Frogmen to attach the mines. The going was tough as they inched their way forward through the ice using oars and an axe. Navigating carefully alongside the ‘Donau’ they placed their limpets aft of the engine room. With all the limpet mines in place, they made their way back to the wharf. At 2200 all the mines had detonated sinking the ‘Donau’ in 25 meters of water. 1500 Alpine troops and 300 horses were lost, severely degrading the German occupation of Oslo and placing a sizable dent in their moral.         

With the Germans still reeling from the coordinated attacks, Manus and Nielsen made their escape and boarded a tram back to their makeshift HQ in Oslo. Manus and Nielsen’s operation had been a success. The men had displayed immense bravery and grim determination to see the operation through. A stiff drink was in order.

Photo courtesy of Amazon UK

In honor of this bad-ass, Max Manus, Resco Instruments out of Coronado, CA decided to make the Resco Manus. The Resco Manus is a chronograph watch that is built to withstand the elements that Max Manus operated in as well as provide accurate timing during those types of operations.

Resco offers many options for the Manus Chronograph watch, but the one I personally went with is the Pelagic Blue, Pvd with blue dials and a 12-hour bezel.

Resco Manus Chronograph Watch | Named after Resistance Fighter, Max Manus

This watch has been riding on my wrist for a few weeks now and it seldom comes off. If I do take it off, it’s either to shower in the morning or to swap out the watchband. Pictured above is the Blushark Nato band, but I also rock the Resco branded brown leather band and black ballistic band, both can be found in their straps & parts section of the website.

Resco Manus Chronograph Watch | Named after Resistance Fighter, Max Manus
EDC drop with the Resco Manus and brown leather watchband.

Speaking of swapping out the straps, one design feature that really impresses me is the screwbar used for securing the straps. Different from the standard springbars, the screwbar is much stronger and in my opinion easier to work with. This design feature gives me the added assurance that this watch is not going to come off my wrist during strenuous activities; I’ve seen springbars fail under stress.

The Resco Manus is stylish enough to pair with a suit and rugged enough to tackle the toughest surf.

Description from the Resco Instruments website:

The Resco Manus Chronograph is a tribute to the legendary, barrel-chested Frogman Max Manus. When accuracy and durability are a requirement, grab a Resco Manus and get the job done. The Resco Manus Chronograph will deliver years of tough, accurate and timely service.

  • 316L Stainless Steel DLC Black Finish – 200 Meter
  • Matte Blue Dial with BWG9 SuperLuminova
  • Movement: Ronda Quartz; 3 year standard battery life; 13 Jewels
  • Resco covers lifetime battery change; customer is invoiced return shipping fees
  • Slightly Domed Sapphire Crystal – Single inner AR (Anti Reflective) coating
  • 20mm Lug; 42mm Diameter; 13mm Thickness; Screw-down Crown and Pushers
  • Watch will ship on black Thin Nylon strap; strap pictured here is Black Leather
  • Watch box and hex wrenches are included


whether you’re setting limpet mines, breaching charges or just timing the surf, the Resco Manus Chronograph watch has your back. Designed and built in Coronado (Home of BUD/S and West Coast SEAL Teams) by an active duty Navy SEAL and tested by West Coast SEAL Teams, You’re not going to find a more reliable timepiece anywhere else.

Get yours today!


*Photos courtesy of the author