A custom Wilson Combat Glock pistol might be about as good as it gets.

For more than 40 years, Wilson Combat has been the leader in custom 1911 pistols and parts. Over the years, Wilson has branched out to other areas that Bill Wilson has an interest in.  These include AR rifles in 14 different calibers, to include Wilson’s proprietary 7.62×40 WT.

A few years ago, Bill’s interest in the Berretta 92 lead Wilson offering a line of enhanced and customized 92 models to include the Brigadier and Centurion. However, Bill had very little interest in doing any work on Glock pistols — that is, until now.

Bill recognized that a large percentage of shooters who owned one of his 1911 pistols probably owned a Glock. There were also those Glock shooters who wanted their pistol enhanced in a tasteful manner.

As with other projects, Wilson Combat did not enter this half-hearted. To give customers the most options, Wilson offers some 88 options on its a’ la carte build sheet.

I recently sent a stock, Glock 19 Gen4 to Wilson for them to do its magic. My build sheet was not all inclusive, but included the most popular options for a personal defense/carry pistol. I also added a few cosmetic options.

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*Photo by Rob Garrett