I recently sat down with Rob Pincus of ICE training.

Rob’s Bio

Rob’s a professional trainer, author, and consultant.  He’s the owner of the ICE training company. Mr. Pincus has law enforcement experience and has served as an executive protection agent. He was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Reserve after graduating from the Military College of Vermont with a degree in Political Science. He serves as a Training Officer for a local Sheriff’s office and has been a staff writer with S.W.A.T. Magazine since 2001. 

He sees his Combat Focus Shooting program as a natural outgrowth of the evolution of defensive shooting that prepares humans for real-world defensive encounters.

  • Rob talks about his executive protection training with ESI, Valhalla, days writing for SWAT magazine, and early interactions with 10th group special forces.
  • We get his opinion about TN’s recent decision regarding silencers and about the potential of the Hearing Protection Act in particular.
  • He talks about his relationship with Mike Hughes (the developer of the SIRT pistol) and the way a teacher’s thought resonates with a growing student base.
  • The most recent update on the Avidity Arms project is provided, and much more…

Check out the interview and look forward to upcoming coverage of some of Rob’s classes.

Photo by author.