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The same day that I bought myself a brand new Glock 19, I drove straight to a gunshop that had a set of the Ameriglo Hackathorn sights in stock and had them installed right then. One of the points of contention I have with the factory Glock sights is that I have seen some that were able to be pushed out of the slide by hand.

Since the Glock 19 was going to be a carry gun, I wanted a set of sights that had a featureless rear sight with nothing more than serrations to distract my eyes and a bright orange dot up front. The Hackathorns fit the bill while keeping the price under $60 installed at my local gun store.

Ameriglo packages the sights more or less like any other manufacture, on the shelf, they look rather modest but once you get the sights on the gun they go from modest to excellent.

Review: AmeriGlo Hackathorn Glock Night Sights

Taking a closer look at the sights out of the package you see that the rear sight is a plain black number with horizontal serrations to keep glare to a minimum. The front sight has a Trijicon tritium vial installed with the bright orange ring painted in a recess around the green luminescent vial.

Review: AmeriGlo Hackathorn Glock Night Sights

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