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Bushnell Legend T-Series 15-45 Tactical Spotting Scope
John Darwin

Of all the shooting disciplines, long range precision is the most aided by supporting equipment. While it can be accomplished with a fairly minimal list of gear, such items as a weather meter, good rear bag, sling, tripods, rifle saddles, and quality spotting scope make it much easier. In a situation with a spotter and shooter, it’s key for the spotter to watch trace and impact and make accurate corrections to get the shooter on target with the least number of rounds.

While most spotting scopes offer the spotter a large field of view and higher magnification than most rifle scopes, only a small number of companies make one with a reticle assisting in making accurate and precise shooter corrections. This market of “tactical” field scopes has been dominated by companies such as Zeiss on the upper end of the price spectrum and Leupold on the “lower” end of anything actually worth buying. Bushnell in recent years has been striving to put out good quality but still affordable products with their tactical lines of rifle scopes and optics.

Review: Bushnell Legend T-Series 15-45 Tactical Spotting Scope

Their first entry into the “tactical” compact field spotting scope was the Elite Tactical spotter. Offering a reticle in a small package field scope, Bushnell really opened people’s eyes to what could be purchased for a reasonable price (around $2000). New to that line in the last year is the Bushnell Legend T-Series. The T-Series was designed to offer shooters the most affordable, capable scope out there at a sub-$500 dollar price tag. I was able to get my hands on one and have been using it for a few months to see how it shook out.

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