I was contacted by 1SGT (ret) Thomas Lindsey of Cold Steel Custom Slings via the Midwest Tactical Officers Association.   Based in Michigan, and made by hand in the U.S. of A, Cold Steel is just the kind of company MTOA strives to promote and support.

Having been part of MTOA for several years, I will just say that they are an outstanding organization, committed as much to their mission and training, as to service of the veteran and public safety communities. They are definitely worth your time to check out.


I prefer to call Mr. Lindsey – Top,  because to me the recognition of service and sacrifice, especially at that level, doesn’t go away when the uniform comes off, or when one retires.  Top sent me a sling while I was in pre-deployment training, as the upcoming assignment would be a good test for the product.  The communication with him was primarily by email, and given the limitation in comms on my end, I have to say that Top was very prompt and responsive to all my questions.

This is critical to many customers, as the service aspect is just as important as the product.  This also became important because I needed clarification on how to measure for the sling, since it is customized to the user.  Top was very accommodating, and I received the sling and all of the hardware, with some delivered after we arrived in country.

Before sending the sling (one for myself and one for another troop in my company), Top was focused on making sure I obtained the proper measurement. This is done by taking a diagonal length measurement of your torso, similar to how the sling would be positioned on your body.  Following the instructions is easy, and one can see that from he beginning the sling will be truly custom.

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