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Review: Gerber US-ASSIST
Death Blossom [not a pseudonym, we swear]

The Gerber brand can be found on Walmart and Home Depot shelves across the country and, for that reason alone, it has become a household name. If Billy Bob down the street doesn’t have a Buck knife in his pocket, he probably has a Gerber he picked up at his local hardware store. I get it: all you knife snobs have already clicked on another article about a knife that has a maker, not a brand. But if you’re still reading, we’re going to take a look at Gerber’s implementation of their new “ball-bearing deployment system”, appropriately (and inappropriately?) dubbed “B.O.S.S. Tech (Balls of Stainless Steel)”.

No, I’m not joking.

Review: Gerber US-ASSIST

While ball-bearing pivot systems is not new technology to knife manufacturers, the US-ASSIST is the first offering in Gerber’s assisted opening line of folders. The US-ASSIST is a simple pocket knife that doesn’t get too deep in the weeds with special features, which seems preferable when introducing new technology that could drive the design of all their future folders. The blade itself, sitting at 3” in length, is offered in 420HC fine or serrated edge, as well in a higher end, and higher price point, S30V fine edge. The blade also possesses thumb studs on each side of the blade. The handle, 4.2” in length, is glass-filled nylon with a lanyard hole, if you’re into that sort of thing, making the knife 7.2” long when open. It also possesses a plunge lock and a pocket clip, notably designed out of a sturdy wire construction, instead of the standard solid metal, and can be relocated to the opposite end of the handle.

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