The Giro Feature mountain bike helmet was designed for the trail/all-mountain rider in mind, but works for all disciplines of riding (unless you require full face protection). This helmet is an ultra-comfortable, light mountain-bike helmet that provides more protection than the standard cross-country or road helmet.

The Giro is light and comfortable enough to go largely unnoticed by the user despite the extra coverage and features that keep your brain a little safer than that “mushroom-top” you’ve had for years. Plus, this helmet sits low on the head, giving extra coverage while appearing more akin to a skate, ski, or Pro-Tec-style helmet.


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Sizes available

  • S (20.21.75 in/51-55 cm)
  • M (21.75-23.25 in/55-59 cm)
  • L (23.25-24.75 in/59-63 cm)

Weight: ~12.4 ounces/350 grams (light enough that I completely forget that I am wearing a helmet)

Material: In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) liner. This is a thin-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner, and has been shown to have very good shock characteristics compared to many other helmet styles.

Fit: As stated before, after a couple minutes of riding, I completely forget that I am wearing this helmet. After years of wearing a helmet in the military, I can appreciate the absence of pounding pressure points on my temples. The fit system, In-Form, provides a large surface area on the back of the head that allow the helmet to move with the body and not develop a sloppy fit in rough conditions. Even in the roughest terrain, the Giro has been completely unnoticeable.

MSRP: $75 (which is very reasonable considering some comparable helmets sell in the $200+ range).

Unique Features: Although this helmet has only 12 surface vents, the molded channels in the interior of the helmet provide a pathway for air to travel as you ride. The faster you go, the more air travels through the helmet, keeping you cooler in the process. If you are one who likes to wear goggles while you ride, this helmet is designed to accommodate that. The visor on the helmet has a twist-adjustment feature that allows the visor to be moved up or down for the desired coverage.

Application: This helmet serves its purpose in all applications except for ultralight xc racing and lift-service downhill riding, where full face protection is advised.

Enjoy this video from Giro.


  • Very comfortable
  • Inner molded vents
  • Goggle geometry
  • Extremely shock resistant, even in the most gnarly crashes
  • Affordable price
  • Looks great sitting on your noggin and comes in variety of colors (rule #1: Always look good.)


  • Heavier than XC race helmets
  • The chin strap could use a better retainer

Bottom Line/Overall Performance

The Giro Feature helmet works and is adaptable to nearly any riding condition except full-face conditions. If you are looking for a helmet that provides extreme comfort, coverage, adjustability, and goggle compatibility, look no further than the Giro Feature mountain-bike helmet.

Always ride safe and never forget rule #1.

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*As always, if you have any question or comments about your experience with this product, please comment below.